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“EEMA is an association that I have long respected and which makes an important contribution in advancing of digital transformation in the EU and wider Europe.”

Hugo Kerschot
Managing Director, IS-Practice

In order to work in a borderless way, you need to learn how other countries are operating, to be educated about different standards and practices. You will need a lot of education, discussions and practical implementation and for that, you need organisations like EEMA.

Frank Leyman
Head of International Relations, BOSA

To solve the identity challenges, we need to work together and that is what EEMA does. Bringing all the different players to this and it can make it happen.

John Erik Setsaas
VP of Identity and Innovation, Signicat

It is a pleasure to be part of something so well run and so well supported by your leadership.

Pamela Dingle
Director of Identity Standards, Microsoft

“We have found a really significant and important network which helps us to establish different connections with different countries and high-level experts. EEMA is a very good platform for that.”

Jana Krimpe
CEO, B.EST Solutions

“EEMA forms a bridge between the academic world and industry. With a lot of applied research in Belgium we tend to depend on companies for funding, and for me it is very interesting to find out what is happening in industry as it is sometimes very different from what is happening in the academic world. EEMA is interesting because this is where both worlds can meet.”

Bart Preneel
Professor, KU Leuven

“Not only do we have activities complementing each other, most importantly at the top end our ethics and ethos are aligned and I think that is a great thing.”

Colin Wallis
Executive Director, Kantara Initiative

“I’ve always seen EEMA as a fantastic melting pot. You always meet interesting people and knowledgeable people, who come at the same problem, often at different angles and that in itself is of remarkable value for all members of EEMA.”

John Bullard
Global Ambassador, Digital Trust

“EEMA has been the point of reference on electronic identification, digital signatures and cybersecurity in the EU for as long as I can remember. No organisation has done as much to bring authoritative voices on these topics together, and to make sure they are heard. It is an honour and a privilege to be able to support their future work.”

Hans Graux
Partner, Timelex


35th EEMA General Assembly Report

Monday 28th June 2021

34th EEMA General Assembly Report

Monday 22nd June 2020

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EEMA Training eBrochure

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Thursday, 9 July 2015

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