News > 2nd EAI International Conference – call for papers

Security and Privacy in new computing Environments

13-14 April 2019, Tianjin, People’s Republic of China

The existing computing models and computing environments have changed immensely due to the rapid advancements in ICT. In the last ten years, we have witnessed the emergence and the rise of new paradigms or technologies such as cloud/fog computing, Big Data, Internet-of-things, and blockchain. As a result, the computing environment nowadays is more distributed, heterogeneous, virtualized, and data rich. Numerous challenges arise from the changes, including the lack of trust, ubiquitous but constrained devices, mass security breaches, new privacy threats, and ever-evolving attack techniques. Quite often we are in an awkward situation where traditional security techniques can no longer offer adequate protection in these new computing environments. It is easy to say that without properly the security and privacy problems, the benefits of the new technologies cannot be realized. Thus, we call for efforts to investigate the security and privacy issues of the above-mentioned new environments within the cyberspace, and propose new ideas for addressing them.

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