Board of Management

Dave Birch

Dave Birch (Honorary President)

Author, Advisor and Commentator on Digital Financial Services
& Global Ambassador for Consult Hyperion

Dave is well-known as an author, advisor and commentator on digital financial services and he holds a number of board and advisory roles in Europe and North America. He is a Forbes contributor and a columnist in Financial World and has just been ranked one of the top 100 global fintech influencers for 2021. Previously, he was named one of the global top 15 favourite sources of business information by Wired magazine and Read more

identified as one of the top ten most influential voices in banking by Financial Brand. He created one of the top 25 “must read” financial IT blogs and was found by PR Daily to be one of the top ten Twitter accounts followed by innovators.

An Honorary President of the think tank EEMA and a member of the governing council of the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation, his books “Identity is the New Money”, “Before Babylon, Beyond Bitcoin” and “The Currency Cold War” have made him an internationally-recognised thought leader in digital identity and digital money.

Dave graduated from the University of Southampton with a B.Sc (Hons) in Physics.

Kim Cameron

Kim Cameron (Honorary President)

Contributor and Advisor on Digital Identity
Chief Identity Officer,

Kim Cameron is a Canadian computer scientist and engineering leader who has worked since the emergence of the Internet to create a humanistic system of Digital Identity. Kim moved to Seattle to join Microsoft in 1999 when it acquired Toronto-based Zoomit Corporation, a software company dedicated to digital identity that he co-founded in 1980. In 2000 he became the Architect of Microsoft’s Active Directory Read more

which evolved into the most widely deployed identity technology used in enterprises globally. As the growth of the Internet made the importance of identity increasingly evident, his role expanded to become Chief Architect of Identity for Microsoft, a position he held until his retirement in 2019.

Kim led Microsoft to build technology that was part of an “identity metasystem” that worked across vendors, technologies and political boundaries. He introduced the concept of “claims” so the system could handle a world where the assertions of different entities were trusted for different things and to different extents – a major building block for what became cloud computing. In 2004 he wrote the Laws of Identity, a document that has long influenced both technologists and regulators, and which Microsoft adopted to guide its innovation. At the same time he began to champion innovations that would put users in control of their own identity as a way to solve the privacy and security problems of both individuals and organizations – work he continues to advance today.

Kim grew up in Canada, attending King’s College at Dalhousie University and l’Université de Montréal. He served on RISEPTIS, the high-level European Union advisory body providing vision and guidance on security and trust in the Information Society. He has won a number of industry awards, including EEMA’s Lifetime Achievement Award (2012), the European Identity and Cloud Award for Lifetime Achievement (2013), the Identity North Founder of Canada’s Digital Economy Award (2016), Digital Identity World’s Innovation Award (2005), Network Computing’s Top 25 Technology Drivers Award (1996) and MVP (Most Valuable Player) Award (2005), Network World’s 50 Most Powerful People in Networking (2005), Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing Privacy Award (2007) and’s Agenda Setters 2007. He has an honorary Doctor of Civil Law degree from King’s College, and is on the Board of Directors for ID2020. Kim blogs at

Jon Shamah

Jon Shamah (Chair)

EJ Consultants

Jon Shamah is a graduate of Southampton University, specialising in aeronautics and astronautics.

A chartered information technology professional, and digital identity and trust subject matter expert, he specialises in maximising the technology and operational value chain of very large scale eID schemes, critical national infrastructures and national programmes. Read more

Jon was the recipient of the 2009 EEMA Fellowship Award for services to European e-identity, and is the chairman of EEMA. He is a frequent public speaker on issues surrounding identity and trust and facilitated in the early stages of the forthcoming EU trust services regulations.

Jon was a long-term consultant on eID issues to the Nordic Banking and Payments Consortium, NETS, and has contributed to European projects such as SSEDIC, STORK2.0, ECIM, Cloud for Europe and FutureID.

Jon was a member of the Trust In Digital Life Advisory Board and was co-chairman of ITU-T, SG17, Joint Coordination-Identity.

Rick Chandler (Treasurer)

Rick Chandler (Treasurer)

Advanced Office Systems

Rick is an EEMA Board member who previously chaired the EEMA Internet and Wireless workgroups. With 35 years secure digital wireless experience and executive positions in both the private and public sectors he has led design and build teams for two European mobile operators. He has been a champion of safe mobile working since he gave the keynote at the first UK conference on the subject in1984. He has also been active in the ID world since his involvement on the steering group for the UK ID card .This is currently driving his work in mobile authentication and privacy. Passionate about new technology, he enjoys separating hype from reality and delivering practical solutions.

Lorraine Spector

Lorraine Spector

LS Consultants & EEMA Board Director for Strategy and Business Development

Lorraine is a Board Director responsible for the Strategy and Business Development of EEMA, the Leading Independent European Think Tank focusing on Identification, Authentication, Trust, Cyber Security, The Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and mobile Applications.
Lorraine chaired the European Working Group on Cybersecurity, Awareness and Education for SMEs which made recommendations for EU legislation and a Partner on EU funded projects: FutureTrust, LIGHTest and SMART SME Projects. Read more

She is involved in dissemination of new technology through world class events, projects, collaboration, education and engagement, communication, participation and facilitating networking with corporates and individuals, including a series of High Level 'Fireside' Briefings for EEMA on topics relating to latest technology.
PARTNER IN SSEDIC - to collaborate in creating eID agenda for a single European Digital community to enhance the economic strength and political cohesion of European Society.
Author: SSEDIC White Paper on European eID Education, Awareness and Trust for all Citizens
Specialisation: Strategy, Dissemination, Trust, Education, Awareness and Business Development.
Presented strategy paper at International Partners meetings in Rome, Brussels, Amsterdam and Prague.

Dave Birch

Dave Birch

Consult Hyperion : UK

David G.W Birch is Director of Innovation at Consult Hyperion, the secure electronic transactions consultancy, and a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Surrey Business School. Dave is an internationally-recognised thought leader in digital identity and digital money; was named one of the global top 15 favourite sources of business information by Wired magazine and one of the top ten most influential voices in banking by Financial Brand; Read more

was found by PR Daily to be one of the top ten Twitter accounts followed by innovators, along with Bill Gates and Richard Branson; was ranked in the top three most influential people in London’s FinTech community by City A.M.; was listed by Hot Topics as one of the world’s top 100 most influential FinTech leaders and was rated Europe’s most influential commentator on emerging payments by Total Payments. Dave's published books include “Identity is the New Money” published in 2014,  “Before Babylon, Beyond Bitcoin” published in 2017 and "The Currency Cold War" published in 2020.

Ronny Bjones

Ronny Bjones

Director of Cloud Identity & Privacy Services for Microsoft Engineering (Cloud & Enterprise), Microsoft

Ronny Bjones is Director of Cloud Identity & Privacy Services for Microsoft Engineering (Cloud & Enterprise). Ronny kicked of the design and development of Azure Active Directory B2C. Ronny is responsible for developing the concepts, prototyping, incubation and bringing the service into production. Ronny holds several patents in the field of identity and privacy. Read more

  • Ronny joined Microsoft in 2002 to become the EMEA security lead. He has 30+ years of experience in ICT, 25+ of those in security.
  • Ronny published QuEST together with several industry specialists in the subject of electronic signatures. The book is a comprehensive guide on how to implement Electronic Signatures solutions and can be downloaded from
  • Ronny also co-authored “Best Practice for Applications using the electronic Identity Card”.
  • Ronny is a board member of EEMA, an organisation providing guidance on e-Business.
  • Ronny is also member of the ISSE program committee. Ronny represents Microsoft in the executive board of Trust in Digital life.
  • Ronny Bjones was one of the four founders of Utimaco Belgium, where he worked for ten years as R&D director. Before Utimaco, Ronny worked for a Belgian EFT specialist called Prodata and one of the first firms to specialize in cryptography in Europe called Cryptech.
  • Ronny Bjones is an active speaker at conferences.
  • Ronny holds a bachelor in electronics, Master in IT management and MSc in Information technology.
Robert Garskamp

Robert Garskamp

Managing director of IDentity.Next

IDnext association is an ope n and independent platform to support and facilitate innovative approaches in the world of the digital identity, create awareness about the digital identity, provide a knowledge and networking platform for experts in IT, Business and marketeers as a European centre of expertise, and to ensure that everyone connected with the association stays at the forefront of technology, services and business by supporting innovation and by stimulating and supporting knowledge exchange and collaboration. Read more

Providing services (program, project and business development) related to the world of digital identity. Robert has a also broad experience and knowledge in Identity & Access management, security and Governance, Risk and Compliance projects within the e.g. Financial, Government and Education sector.


Steve Glagow

Steve Glagow

EVP Sales and Marketing, DeveloperProgram.Com

Steve has over 25 years of experience in the telecommunications, management consulting, software and computer hardware industries, including 10 years in which he specialised in successfully setting up and running developer programs for large multi- national organisations. He has both operational and strategic business planning experience, together with marketing, product management, sales, consulting and technology development skills, and has established a reputation worldwide as a developer program authority within the Telecommunications industry.

Hans Graux, Time.lex

Hans Graux


Hans Graux is an ICT lawyer at the Brussels based law firm Timelex (, which specialises in information and technology law in the broadest sense. The team is internationally recognized, being both a Legal 500 Top Tier firm in Information Technology, and a Chambers Europe Recommended Firm for TMT - Information Technology. Read more

He is a law school graduate who also obtained a complementary degree in IT. He worked as a research assistant at the Catholic University of Louvain, before becoming a lawyer at the bar of Brussels in 2005. In July 2007, he co-founded Timelex.

He has participated in a large number of international ICT policy studies and projects, primarily for the European Commission and various Member States. Recent work for the Commission has included projects focused on data protection, eSignatures, electronic identity management, cloud computing, e-government and information security. Furthermore, he is a member of the ICT Committee of the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE), and Member of the ICT Committee of the Order of Flemish Bars. He is also the president of the Flemish regional data protection authority (Vlaamse Toezichtscommissie).

Alessandro Guarino

Alessandro Guarino

CEO, StAG – Independent Researcher

Alessandro Guarino is a senior Information Security professional and independent researcher. He is the founder and CEO of StAG Srl, a consultancy firm based in Italy and active (in different forms) since 2000, serving clients both in the private and public sector and providing cybersecurity, privacy, and data protection consulting services. He is also a digital forensics analyst and consultant, as well as expert witness in Court. Read more

He holds an M.Sc in Industrial Engineering and a B.Sc. in economics, with a focus on Information Security Economics. He is an ISO active expert in JTC 1/SC 27 (IT Security Techniques committee) and contributed in particular to the development of cybersecurity and digital investigation standards. He represents Italy in CEN-CENELEC JTC13 and ETSI TC CYBER. He currently serves as the convenor of JTC13 WG 5 “Privacy, data protection and identities management”. As an independent researcher, he delivered presentations at international conferences, including ISSE (since 2013), the NATO CCD COE Conference on Cyber Conflict (CyCon), and the EU-ASEAN CIO Forum. His areas of interest include cyber conflict, digital forensics, data protection and security. With StAG he is actively involved in the Horizon 2020 EU Research and Innovation funding, currently in YAKSHA, a cybersecurity-related project aiming at cooperation with partners in the ASEAN region and most recently with LOCARD, a research project on forensics starting in May 2019.  

Hugo Kerschot

Hugo Kerschot


Hugo Kerschot is founder and Managing Director of the program management office “IS-practice”. ( IS-practice is based in Brussels, Belgium and delivers project management and high-level advice for major projects within the international and national public sector in the broader field of the Information Society: smart cities, smart mobility, cyber security, open data, IoT are the main domain of expertise. Read more

Hugo Kerschot, whose years of experience in both the private and the public sector are relevant for companies and organizations that wish to realise projects in a multidisciplinary setting within the framework of the European Information Society. Hugo Kerschot has more than 20 years of experience in communication, IT, consultancy and project management.
Hugo is managing via IS-practice several European research and innovation projects in the sector of IoT, Smart Mobility, Open Data and Block chain.

Arkadiy Kremer

Arkadiy Kremer

RANS : Russia

Arkadiy Kremer graduated from the Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics (MTUCI) in 1970 and later earned a Ph.D. on technical sciences. He has extensive practical experience with many years of managing projects in field of implementation of information and telecommunication technologies. Read more

Dr. Kremer is President of Russian Governmental and Business Association for Networks and Services (RANS) and head of RANS training department in MTUCI. He also was Chairman of the ITU-T SG 17 (Security) for study periods 2009 – 2012 and 2013 – 2016.

Arthur Leijtens

Arthur Leijtens

Arthur Leijtens is founder and since 2008 president of, software for Strategic Portfolio Management. Arthur has more than 14 years’ experience in strategy consultancy, specialised in innovation and fundraising. From 2010 until 2016, Arthur was responsible as operational director for the start-up and development of the Trust In Digital Life association. From 1992 until 2002, Arthur was employed by Ericsson Telecommunication where he performed several functions in R&D, logistics and sales.

Herbert Leitold

Herbert Leitold


Herbert is Secretary-General of A-SIT,, Secure Information Technology Center – Austria, and board member of the non-profit foundation Stiftung Secure Information and Communication Technologies (SIC) He holds a master of telecommunications and informatics. Read more

Herbert contributed to the EU eID Large Scale Pilot “STORK” where he served as Member State Council co-chair, was pilot leader of the integration with the European Commission Authentication Service (ECAS), as well as leader of the new technologies work package. In the successor projects STORK 2.0 and eSENS Herbert coordinated the Austrian contribution as chairman of the national consortia management teams. He is member of the eIDAS Expert Group and eIDAS technical subgroup. Herbert is also Austria’s alternate member of the ENISA Management Board.

Further involvement in EU projects are Cloud for Europe where he led the pre-commercial procurement technical specification development. In the H2020 SUNFISH project on public administrations’ private cloud federation Herbert was WP leader of the requirement analysis. In the H2020 project FutureTrust he will work on evaluation criteria for trust service providers.


Ulf Linnarsson

Ulf Linnarsson


Ulf is IT Security Co-ordinator at Volvo Group IT, having previously worked at Volvo Parts, Volvo Data and Volvo IT since leaving the University of Gothenburg – 38 years with the same company and almost as long with EEMA!

Dr George Sharkov

Prof Bart Preneel

KU Leuven

Prof. Bart Preneel is a full professor at the KU Leuven; he heads the COSIC research group, that is a member of the imec Security Department. He was visiting professor at five universities in Europe. He has authored more than 400 scientific publications and is inventor of 5 patents. His main research interests  Read more

are cryptography, information security and privacy. Bart Preneel has coordinated the Network of Excellence ECRYPT, has served as panel member and chair for the European Research Council and has been president of the IACR (International Association for Cryptologic Research). He is a member of the Permanent Stakeholders group of ENISA (European Network and Information Security Agency) and of the Academia Europaea. He has been invited speaker at more than 100 conferences in 40 countries. In 2014 he received the RSA Award for Excellence in the Field of Mathematics.

John Erik Setsaas

John Erik Setsaas,

VP Identity and Innovation, Signicat AS

John Erik Setsaas is VP of Identity and Innovation at Signicat. He is responsible for ensuring that Signicat's digital identity services are at the forefront of innovation, whilst solving the needs of customers, partners and end users. With Read more

over 20 years' experience in identity-and over 30 years in software product development - John Erik is a pioneer in the identity space. Before joining Signicat, John Erik was Chief Development Architect for SAP Identity Management and taught ecommerce, identity services and security at Buskerud University College in Norway. He is also on the Management Board of EEMA, Europe's leading digital identity think tank.

A seasoned speaker, John Erik has presented at international conferences including Money20/20, OIX, Trustech and World eID & Cybersecurity.

Dr George Sharkov

Dr George Sharkov

National Cybersecurity Coordinator & Adviser to the Prime Minister Office; Director ESI CEE & Head Cybersecurity Lab

National Cybersecurity Coordinator [Security Council @ Bulgarian Government] Adviser on Cyber Defense, Ministry of Defense
Managing Director, European Software Institute – Center Eastern Europe (ESI CEE) Read more

Dr. George Sharkov graduated Mathematics/Computer Science at Sofia University, obtained his PhD in Artificial Intelligence, with specialization in applied informatics, biophysics, thermography and genetics, enterprise intelligent systems. Since 1994 he is leading international software projects and companies for banking and financial systems, e-business, online markets and innovative e-trading solutions.

Since 2003 he is managing ESI – Center Eastern Europe (, the regional excellence center of the European Software Institute (ESI), covering 12 countries in Eastern Europe and Caucasus region. He is a trainer and coach in SPI (Software Process Improvement), software engineering quality management (CMMI – CMMI Institute, Carnegie Mellon), IT Mark (ESI) appraiser. Leading the CyResLab (Cyber Resilience Lab) at ESI CEE, and a research network in cybersecurity and resilience ( Lead appraiser (apprentice) with CERT-RMM (Resilience Management Model, CERT/SEI).

George is a lecturer in Sofia University, Plovdiv University, NBU. He is leading a Program for modernization of Software Engineering education (SEMP) in partnership with Carnegie Mellon University and 6 Bulgarian universities. Steering Committee member of the EC CEN Workshop in ICT-skills and e-competences. Among the founders and first Chairman of BASSCOM (Bulgarian Association of Software Companies), board member of Bulgarian ICT Cluster. Pioneer in new digital ecosystems development, mentor and supporter of startup and accelerator programs.

Steve Pannifer

Steve Pannifer (Co-opted board member)

Director and COO Consult Hyperion

Steve is COO and digital identity lead at Consult Hyperion, a leading independent payments and identity consulting firm. He advises banks, governments and others around the world on digital identity strategy and implementation. Read more

Steve is a member of the Privacy and Consumer Advisory Group for the UK Government. He has a technical background including security, cryptography and communications.