A Vision of the Future – International Keynotes

Chair: Ronny Bjones, Director of Cloud Identity & Privacy Services, Microsoft, Belgium
A vision of the future

Dave Birch, author, advisor and commentator on digital financial services, UK
This time it’s war

Evgeny Chereshnev, CEO & Founder Biolink.Tech LTD, UK

Gunnar Nordseth, CEO, Signicat, Norway, The evolution and future of digital identity
The evolution and future of digital identity

Digital Transformation in the Financial Sector
Chair: Steve Pannifer, Consult Hyperion UK

Harry Weber-Brown, Digital Innovation Director, TISA, UK
Digital ID for financial services

Mads Henriksveen, CA and eID Manager, Buypass AS, Norway
Certificates as enablers for innovation in FinTech

New Data Protection & Privacy Challenges
Chair: Herbert Leitold, A-SIT, Austria

John Erik Setsaas, VP of Identity & Innovation, Signicat AS, Norway
The future of self-managed identities

Eleanor McHugh, Director, Innovative Identity Solutions, UK
Right here, right now – privacy through transient identities

Is the Speed of Digital Transformation Leaving Employees Behind?
Chair: Mark Tindal, CEO Contact Centre Systems, UK

Richard Skellett, Founder, Digital Anthropology, UK
Empowering employees through digital transformation

Kirsty Dean, Managing Director, passion-inc, UK
Tangible business examples of engaging management and employees to maximise transformation

Keynotes: Emerging New Technologies

Chair: Romek Szczesniak, Director, InIdSol, UK

Julian Ranger, Chairman,, UK
Personal Data – Real World Examples of How Individual Control Allows Businesses to Do More

Ryan Edge, Senior Privacy Engineer, OneTrust, UK
Incident and Breach Management for Privacy & Security Teams

Mobile Identity Proofing, Provision and Authentication – latest developments from the industry

Chair: Rick Chandler, EEMA Treasurer, UK

Frank Joshi, Managing Director, Mvine, UK
Frank Joshi

Andrew Bud, CEO, iProov, UK

David Pollington, Senior Director, GSMA, UK

Legal and Regulation Issues, Challenges and Solutions

Chair: Tim Reiniger, Director, Reiniger LLC, USA
Tim Reiniger

Jacqueline Zoest, Barrister, Campbell Millar, UK
Privacy and the Internet of Things – Law, Regulation and Governance

Mark King, Consultant, Broadsail, UK
Digital is Not Just Online

go.eIDAS – Applications and Pilots to Create Trust in the Future

Chair: Niko Tsakalakis, Postgraduate Researcher, University of Southampton, UK

Christoph Zehetner, BRZ, Austria
Carl-Markus Piswanger, eGovernment Architect, BRZ, Austria
FutureTrust – Exeriences from the pilots

Marika Mshvildadze, PSDA Agency, Georgia
FutureTrust – e-Apostille Verification System

DAY 2 – 19 June

Keynotes: Managing Criminal Evidence and Cross-Border Chain of Custody
Chair: Lorraine Spector, EEMA Board Member for Strategy & Business Development, Belgium

Jon Shamah, EEMA Chairman, Belgium,
The LOCARD Project Securing Criminal Evidence and Cross Border Chain of Custody

Richard Perkins, Director, EMEIA, NICE Public Safety, UK,
Digital transformation of Criminal Evidence, case study and demo

How Artificial Intelligence Contributes to Effective Transformation
Chair: George Sharkov, Director, ESI CEE, Bulgaria

David Atkinson, CEO Senseon, UK
AI in Cyber Security – Key Challenges & Solutions

Dave Lusty, Technical Solutions Professional – Data & AI at Microsoft, UK
The Fear Factor & Overcoming It.

Has Blockchain Come of Age?

Chair: John Erik Setsaas, VP of Identity & Innovation, Signicat AS, Norway

Peter Cozijnsen, CGI, Netherlands
Blockchain security, a framework for trust and adoption

Daniele Tumietto, Advisor, CSQA, Italy
Blockchаin Technology: World Experience & Implementation. Challenges in the Private & Public Sector

Transforming the Way We See Trust – The LIGHTest Project

Chair: Rachelle Sellung, Researcher, Fraunhofer, Germany
The Business Perspective

Hans Graux, time.lex, Belgium
The Legal Perspective

Martin Hoffmann, NLNetlabs, Netherlands
A High Level Technical Perspective

Digital Transformation in Action: real life examples

Chair: Robert Garskamp, Managing Director, IDnext, Netherlands

Johan Stronkhorst, Group ICT Security Manager, Greenyard, Belgium
New Technology Transforms Greenyard from 70 SMEs Into One Corporation

Romek Szczesniak, Director, InIdSol, UK
Redbush: A Research Platform for e-Commerce

Orchestrating Digital Identity, Privacy and ASsurance: the Kantara Perspective

Chair: Colin Wallis, Executive Director, Kantara Initiative, EU

Cigdem Sengul, Senior Researcher, Nominet, UK
User-managed access (UMA)- WG update

Mark Lizar, CEO, Open Consent Group, UK

Kantara – presentations

Legal and Regulatory Security & Governance Challenges & Solutions Including GDPR by Design and Default

Chair: Andrew Taylor, Consultant, Assured Clarity, UK

Kuan Hon, Director, Fieldfisher, UK
GDPR, NIS Directive, etc etc – Will They Drive Organisations to Improve Their Security Posture?

Jörg Hladjk, Partner, Jones Day, Belgium
GDPR – a Catalyst for Digital Transformation?

Do Public / Private Digital Identity Schemes Need National Identity Standards Overseen by Mandatory External Assessments?

Chair: Nils Inge Brurberg, Program Manager, BITS, Norway
How physical do you have to be?
Report – Secure digital verification of identity

Richard Trevorah, Technical Director, tScheme, UK

Alastair Treharne, Head of Identity Risk & Standards, Digital Service, UK
Supporting the Development of a National Digital Identity Initiative in the UK – Successes, Challenges & Learnings

Three Initiatives to Enable Enhances Privacy and Security

Chair: Mark Lizar, CEO, Open Consent Group, UK
Digital transparency required open surveillance for advanced privacy & security

Miha Stopar, Senior Software Developer, XLAB, Slovenia
Functional Encryption Technologies – the FENTEC Project

Alessandro Guarino, StAG S.r.l, Italy
Threat Intelligence and Attack Predictions in the ASEAN Region – the YAKSHA Platform

The Dave Birch Interview

An In-depth Discussion on The Digital Identity Mass Market
Dave Birch, Author and Advisor on Digital Identity, UK
Emma Lindley, Head of Identity & Risk Solutions Europe, Visa, UK