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12 October 2018, London

How AI & Robotics can transform business performance

Now in its third year, AI & Robotics: The Main Event is relied upon by business leaders keen to investigate and test the transformational potential of AI & robotic technologies. By combining an interactive conference with a handson solutions showcase we dive deep into AI & robotics’ power to accelerate business performance, profitability and workforce efficiency. The Main Event brings together leaders from across industry, the scientific community and builders of human capital to reveal how AI is transforming businesses and disrupting industries.

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In conjunction with the CxTech Event.

Join us and discover the technologies that will transform every aspect of your CX; how you design it, how you deliver it and how you analyse its impact on your customers and business. Our 1 day Conference and Showcase will evaluate what’s new, what’s working and what’s coming next in a technology transformation that’s connecting companies with customers like never before.

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