Annual Conference 2021

EEMA Annual Conference 2021

Call for Contributions

(Closing date: 31 March 2021)

Securing Trust in the New Digital Reality
Business models for a new world
29 June - 1 July

In 2021 the Conference will be a series of 6 Webinars over 3 days
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Photograph of EEMA conference

We are seeking Europe’s imaginative individuals, who have a unique perspective and are redesigning the way we think and manage digital innovation, to facilitate leading edge discussion for Industry, business, SMEs, governments, and citizens.

The EEMA Annual conference has been Europe’s leading, visionary, independent, interdisciplinary, unbiased, and European focused event since 1987. Our 34th Annual Conference will feature the presentations and discussions of technical, commercial, organisational, legal, and political challenges for information security as well as privacy and data protection, providing the perfect opportunity to discuss your proposals and ideas with other international keynote speakers, fellow peers, and like-minded people to enable us to build a trusted and connected secure future.

Last year this event attracted 450 industry leaders from 39 countries. Be a part of our virtual conference and inspire the industry.

We are currently putting together the conference programme and are looking for individuals within the industry who will provoke discussion with their innovative proposals. Submit your proposal here and convince us that your submission is educational and inspiring.

To ensure fascinating and engaging webinars, creating new ideas and a vision for the future, each 75-minute-long session will allow panellists to provide a short 10 minute presentation to “set the scene” from their perspective, the chair will then lead the discussion with the panellists and debate questions from the “audience”. Use case studies are of particular interest to attendees and additional speaking time may be made available for these.

Suggested topic areas:

  • Maintaining the trust in the cloud
  • Onboarding Digital Identities – Critical for Business Resilience, i.e. the new ETSI technical standard on identity proofing
  • The New eIDAS – a Vision of Cross Boarder Interoperability
  • A Vision of Governance, Compliance and Trust in Government & Business
  • Blockchain meets business
  • Trust and Identity of (and for) IoT between H2M & M2H in the aftermath of Covid
  • Business identity and models – there is still a lot of friction / fraud here
  • Liability in the identity value chain as business opportunity

Submit your proposal here Closing date 31 March 2021