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New Programme to Explore Future Impacts of Cognitive Machines and
Prepare Society’s Response

BRUSSELS, 4th SEPTEMBER 2017 – EEMA, the leading independent, not for profit, European Think Tank addressing identity, trust, privacy, cybersecurity, IoT, Cognitive/AI and mobiles, today launches its Cognitive Machines and Artificial Intelligence (AI) work channel, with an invitation for EEMA members and non-members to register their participation.

This first EEMA work channel brings together stakeholders from industry and academia throughout Europe, to explore the possible future impacts of cognitive machines and AI, triggering the start of a debate regarding society’s preparedness to respond. Led by Chair of EEMA, Jon Shamah, the work channel will focus on five key activity areas…

  1. From Turing’s Imitation Game to Turing’s decision-making test – The boundaries between cognitive machine and machine-learning
  2. Defining ‘sentience’ given to cognitive machines, and how to recognise sentience
  3. Preventing misunderstanding between humans and cognitive machines, and between multiple cognitive machines
  4. Ethical issues relating to cognitive machines
  5. Drawing parallels from the past – the evolution of cognitive machines as partners with humans

Each focus area will have an allotted duration of up to six months, during which a white paper will be produced and published based on the activity, along with a conference hosted by EEMA, once every three months for work channel participants.

shamah-picChair of EEMA and work channel lead, Jon Shamah states: “At its base level AI is glorified automated routing and decision-making. At the opposite end of the spectrum are sentient cognitive machines with the capacity to feel, perceive, or experience subjectively, and then take decisions based on that experience. Whilst still on the horizon, this science fiction isn’t as far from becoming science fact as we might expect. Cognitive machines present a plethora of ethical, legal, technological and societal challenges. This new EEMA workstream will evaluate the potential impact and opportunity.”

For further subject matter reading, Jon Shamah has authored ‘Cognitive Machines – A Standpoint’ which can be read at:

Organisations and individuals interested in participating in the Cognitive Machines and Artificial Intelligence work channel should contact Jon Shamah:

Download the press release in pdf AI work channel – FINAL