News > EEMA Announces its Horizon 2020 Project Involvement

Think Tank to Advance the Digital Single Market and Evidence Sharing Across EU Member State Borders

EEMA the leading independent European Think Tank focused on identity, privacy and trust, has announced it agenda for the forthcoming year, beginning with participation in a new Horizon 2020 project – Digital Europe for All (DE4A), which commenced on 1st January. The three-year, large scale pilot driven by 13 Member States aims to enable EU citizens and business to exercise their identity rights across borders in the Digital Single Market.

Throughout 2020, EEMA will also continue its work as a Horizon 2020 project partner, through participation in the DE4A and LOCARD (securing criminal digital evidence and the Chain of Custody) projects, as well as continuing to develop the European Trust Foundation and go.eIDAS initiatives. Member of the EEMA Board of Management, Lorraine Spector, states: “A core focus for EEMA’s project work in 2020 is to help drive forward initiatives that will improve how citizens, businesses, governments and law enforcement agencies within Member States, interact and transact across national borders.

EEMA has a proud heritage of work, collaborating across the EU as a research innovation project partner, through its participation in initiatives including SSEDIC, STORK, LIGHTest, FutureTrust and Cloud for Europe. Spector adds: “EEMA has been active for more than 30 years and its membership and network of senior leaders within public and private sector organisations, governments and academic institutions, make it an important and influential resource.”

Through extensive Horizon 2020 project work, the EEMA team has developed a deep understanding of how governments can be successful in the research, development and implementation of technology led projects. They will be imparting some of this knowledge and expertise at EEMA’s first High Level Fireside Briefing of the year. Taking place on 25th February in Brussels, the afternoon event will be hosted by the EU Digital Transformation Office (BOSA). It is one of seven events EEMA has planned for 2020.