8-9th June 2022

Microsoft HQ, London

35 years of insights

Securing Identity and Its Business Models

Join EEMA for one of Europe’s most important events in the privacy, e-identity, security and trust calendar. Now in its 35th year, the EEMA Annual Conference is a must-attend event and this year, the EEMA Annual Conference takes on greater significance than ever before.

As a non-profit think-tank, EEMA has the unrivalled ability to bring together technology experts, policymakers, and senior leaders from public, private and academic sector institutions from across Europe and beyond. This means the conference has become an essential hub for collaboration and innovation, facilitating meaningful change, as we look at opportunities for empowering business through digital transformation.

Featuring the latest insights on Privacy, Cyber Security, E-Identity and trust – this year’s conference will cover many hot topics and business-critical areas.

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Day 1 - 8th June 2022

Featuring Sessions from:

“Securing Identity and Its Business Models” - Opening Keynote

  • Tolis Apladas, IT Project Office, European Commission, Luxembourg
  • Frank Leyman, Head of International Relations, BOSA, Belgium
  • Ronny Bjones, Director of Cloud Identity & Privacy Services, Microsoft, Belgium
  • Corina Pascu, Cybersecurity Certification and Standardization Unit, ENISA, Greece

eIDAS.2 Enabling Interoperable Europe

  • Igor Marcolongo, Head of Business Compliance, Innovation & Strategy, Infocert, Italy
  • Marc Sel, Director, Trust Warp, Belgium
  • Viky Manaila, Trust Services Director, Intesi Group S.p.A., Italy
  • Hans Graux, Timelex, Belgium

DeepTech Transforming and Securing Business for Cyber Warfare

  • Dr Jacqui Taylor, CEO, FlyingBinary, UK
  • Andy Pardoe, Founder & Group CEO, Wisdom Works Group, University of Warwick, UK.
  • Stuart Aston, NSO, Microsoft, UK

How Existing Identity Schemes Can Create Digital Identity Wallets for Business & Citizens of the Future.

  • John Erik Setsaas, VP Identity & Innovation, Signicat, Norway
  • Marc Sel, Director, Trust Warp, Belgium
  • Katinka Jussie Brurberg BankID BankAxept AS, Norway
  • Fabrizio Leoni, Head of Innovation Portfolio, InfoCert, Italy

LOCARD Project – Cyber Crime & Forensics

  • Pablo López-Aguilar Beltrán, Director of Technology, APWG.EU, Spain
  • Michael Dickinson, Chief Business Development Officer, MSAB, Sweden
  • Mike Jones, Podcast Host and Security Researcher, H4unted3d Hacker, USA

Roundtable - Cyber Crime & Forensics

  • Hugo Kerschot, MD, IS-Practice, Belgium
  • Romek Szczesniak, Director, Innovative Identity Solutions Ltd, UK

Day 2 - 9th June 2022

Featuring Sessions from:

Identity as a Business, Investment Decisions & Emerging Marketplaces.

  • Carmine Auletta, Chief Strategy Officer, InfoCert Group, Italy.
  • Steve Pannifer, MD, Consult Hyperion, UK
  • Joran Frik, Risk Advisory Manager, Deloitte, Belgium

Identity Sovereignty - Security Awareness & Policy

  • John Erik Setsaas, VP Identity & Innovation, Signicat, Norway
  • Nils Inge Brurberg, Bits, Norway
  • Bredo Swanberg, Senior Advisor, Digitaliseringsdirektoratet, Norway
  • Francesco Vetrano, Business Development Manager, Intesi Group S.p.A., Italy

DE4A Project – Cross-border Once-Only in Practice: Piloting the Single Digital Gateway for Students, Companies and Citizens

  • Alberto Crespo, Head of Blockchain, Identity & Privacy Unit, DE4A Pilots Coordinator, Atos
  • Ard van der Heijden, WP4 Senior Business Analyst/Pilot Lead ''Doing Business Abroad''
  • Fredrik Lindén, Digital Government Transformation and eGov Consultant, Pilot Lead: "Moving Abroad"
  • Tomaž Klobučar, Head of Laboratory for Open Systems and Networks, Jozef Stefan Institute, Pilot Lead: "Studying Abroad"

IoT - Current trends and opportunities

  • Rick Chandler, EEMA Treasurer, UK
  • Chris Cooper, Co-founder, KnowNow Information, UK
  • Sarb Sembhi, CISO AirEye, UK

GLASS Project - Digital identity wallets for citizens

  • Jon Shamah, EEMA Chair, Belgium
  • Leyla Arsan, CEO, TAGES, Turkey
  • Prof. Bill Buchanan, Napier University, UK
  • Giorgos Domalis, University of Patras, Greece

Decentralised identity – a key enabler for Central Bank Digital Currency

  • Steve Pannifer, MD, Consult Hyperion, UK
  • Dave Birch, Author, Advisor & Commentator on Digital Financial Services, UK

European Trust Foundation Partners

The European Trust Foundation (ETF) is a Brussels-based independent and neutral body that is working with Governments, corporates, trade-associations, SME bodies and others both within and outside the EU. Representative organisations are usually country based and cover specific areas.

However, in the single European Digital Market, the European Trust Foundation can provide:

•  Increased visibility and networking throughout Europe
•  Development opportunities and representing your members
•  Contribute expertise at European and global level – via our panel of experts

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  • This Year's Speakers

    Steve Pannifer, COO, Consult Hyperion, UK
    Jacqui Taylor, CEO, FlyingBinary,

    John Erik Setsaas, VP Identity & Innovation, Signicat, Norway

    Rick Chandler,
    EEMA Treasurer, UK

    Pablo López-Aguilar, Director of Technology APWG.EU, Spain

    Jon Shamah,
    EEMA Chair, Belgium
    Hugo Kerschot,
    MD IS-Practice,
    Hans Graux,
    Igor Marcolongo, Head of Compliance, Innovation & Strategy, Infocert, Italy
    Dave Birch, Author, Advisor & Commentator on Digital Financial Services, UK Marc Sel,
    Director, Trust Warp,
    Viky Manaila, Trust Services Director, Intesi Group S.p.A.,
    Alberto Crespo, Head of Blockchain, Identity & Privacy Unit, Atos, Spain Carmine Auletta,
    Chief Strategy Officer, InfoCert Group, Italy.
    Frank Leyman, Head International Relations, BOSA, Belgium
    Ronny Bjones,
    Director of Cloud Identity & Privacy, Microsoft, Belgium
    Tolis Apladas,
    European Commission, Luxembourg

  • This Year's Location

    Hosted by Microsoft in their London HQ, this year’s event is both accessible and accommodating. Including the unique sessions and networking that we’re famous for, you can be sure you’ll have many takeaways from this year’s event.

    Located near Paddington Station in London, use the following address for navigation
    2 Kingdom St, London W2 6BD
    Google Maps Link

  • Sponsorship Opportunities

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    We have multiple options to cater for all budgets and promotional requirements.

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  • EEMA Conference Advisory Board

    The Conference Advisory Board ensures the event remains factual and impartial on all topics, providing truly unbiased insights from thought leaders across the globe.

    •  Alessandro Guarino, StAG, Italy
    •  Arkadiy Kremer, Russian Association of Networks and Services, Russia
    •  Arthur Leijtens, Bicore / FlightMap.com, Netherlands
    •  Bart Preneel, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
    •  Dave Birch, 15Mb Ltd, UK
    •  George Sharkov, European Software Institute, Bulgaria
    •  Hans Graux, time.lex, Belgium
    •  Herbert Leitold, A-SIT, Austria
    •  Hugo Kerschot, IS-practice, Belgium
    •  Igor Marcolongo, InfoCert, Italy
    •  Jan Vanhaecht, Deloitte, Netherlands
    •  John Erik Setsaas, No Signicat AS, Norway
    •  Jon Shamah, E J Consultants Ltd, Belgium
    •  Lorraine Spector, LS Consultants, Belgium
    •  Marc Sel, Trust Warp, Belgium
    •  Rick Chandler, Airworking, UK
    •  Ronny Bjones, Microsoft Corporation, Belgium
    •  Steve Glagow, Consultant, UK
    •  Steve Pannifer, Consult Hyperion, UK
    •  Ulf Linnarsson, Volvo Information Technology AB, Sweden
    •  Ulrich Seldeslachts, L-Sec, Belgium

  • Press Information

    EEMA’s 35th Annual Conference takes place at Microsoft HQ London, 8-9 June 2022.

    This EEMA event brings together the world’s leading identity and security specialists, to deliver thought-provoking sessions covering challenges and strategies to effectively empower businesses through Digital Transformation.

    EEMA Director of Special Projects, Roger Dean comments:

    Since 1987. EEMA has been Europe’s leaping independent, non-profit e-identity & Security association, working with its European members, govern mental bodies, standards organisations and interoperability initiatives throughout Europe to further e-Business and legislation.

    EEMA’s remit is to educate and inform its Member contacts on the latest developments and technologies, at the same time enabling Members of the association to compare views and ideas. The work produced by the association with its Members (projects. papers, seminars, tutorials and reports etc ) isJu.nded by both membership subscriptions and revenue generated through fee-paying events. All of the information generated by EEMA and its members is available to other members free of charge.

    Examples of EEMA events include The European e-identity Interoperability Conference. Biel, Switzerland, Belgium. Kuppinger Cole e-ID Conference & Cloud 12, Munich, Germany; The European e-identity Management Conference, Paris; Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Through identity & Access Management (IAM), Amsterdam; Information Security Solutions Europe (ISSE), Brussels; Securing mobile devices London, and Federated identity in Government & business Brussels.

    EEMA and its members are also involved in many European funded projects including, GLASS, LOCARD, FutureTrust LIGHTest and go.eIDAS.

    Any organisation involved in e-identity or Security (usually of a global or European nature) can become a Member of EEMA and any employee of that organisation is then able to participate in EEMA activities. Examples of organisations taking advantage of EEMA membership are Volvo, KPMG, Deloitte, ING, BankID Norge, Rabobank, Bankenes Standard, Sonofi Aventis, Verisign, Verizon, Thales Security, Novartis, Metropolitan Police, McAfee, Adobe, Magyar Telecom Rt, National Communications Authority, Hungary. Mmistenon de Trabajo, Nokia, European Commission, Microsoft, NETS, Orange, Fedict, BCS, Consult Hyperion, Atos and Siemens to name but a few.


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    Graham Thatcher. Chief PR Ltd
    Tel +44 (0)7933 673 240
    Email: graham.thatcher@prbychief.com
    Twitter: @prbychief

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    • By submitting a booking form or registering online, you/your organisation are agreeing to, and will comply with, EEMA’s payment terms and conditions as follows:

    • Completion of an online or paper registration form does not guarantee a place at the event or constitute a confirmed booking.

    • Cancellations in writing, or by email (but not by phone) will be accepted up to ten working days before the event.

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    • To amend or change a booking please write or email the change to info@eema.org . Changes to your booking cannot be made over the telephone.

    • Shared places are not permitted.

    • Whilst the programme is correct at the time of publication, EEMA (and partners) reserve the right to make changes to the programme location and/or speakers without prior notice. Such alterations may occasionally be necessary due to circumstances beyond our control.

    • The charge takes into consideration that the venue space is provided gratis from our friends at Microsoft, with additional event requirements, organisation, materials, catering and receptions provided by EEMA.