News > EEMA Collaborates with European Commission to Host Electronic Identity and Trust Services Event for the Banking and Finance Community

Ref: EEMA/2015/Press releases/E-ID Workshop

Friday 5th June 2015, Department for Business Innovation and Skills, London
LONDON, ** APRIL 2015 – EEMA, the European association for identity and security, is collaborating
with the European Commission (EC) to host a one‐day event assessing the business case for electronic
identity (eID), and removing the barriers to itsimplementation in the banking and finance community.
The full‐day event, entitled ‘eID: The business case for the banking and finance community’, takes
place on Friday 5th June 2015 at the Business, Innovation and Skills Department of the UK Government in London.

The EC is working with the banking and financial services sector to capitalise on the recent electronic
identity and trust services regulation to provide more effective and user‐friendly customer services
and, to that end, this event seeks to achieve three important goals:
1. Explain the objectives and implementation of the European legislation on eIDAS, including
clarification of the forthcoming implementing acts as well as other relevant European
legislation such as anti‐money laundering and data protection, thereby establishing the value
of eID and eSignatures for banking and finance.
2. Draw upon the experience and expectations of banks and payments companiesrelating to the
early uses of eID in discharging regulatory requirements in relation to day‐to‐day and cross‐
border operational processes and transactions.
3. Arrive at a set of actions and potential deliverables that will take the engagement with the
banking and finance community to the next level
Head of Task Force “Legislation Team (eIDAS)” at the European Commission, Andrea Servida, will chair the event alongside the Executive Director of EEMA, David Goodman, who comments on the
association’s latest collaboration with the EC: “During this workshop we will thoroughly explore the
opportunities for the banking and finance community to leverage eID and eSignature, not least as a
key enabler of the digital single market by making cross‐border electronic transactions more secure,
convenient, and trustworthy.”