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Consentua from KnowNow went live in early 2017.   This is the story of not just how Consentua was born, but also how Consentua is enabling a new metric called “Consentfulness”.   Which is a new empirical measure from Richard Gomer (a senior researcher at University of Southampton and a core member of the Consentua team).

KnowNow were on the Cognicity Challenge Smart City accelerator at the start of 2015.   We were pushing our new innovation:  Eat, Sleep, Play, Go.   The idea bombed, but one aspect did catch an audience members eye during the ‘showcase’ at the end of our 12 week residence.

Here I was introduced to Rick Chandler (EEMA Treasurer).  Who suggested that we should push on the Trust API aspect of our solution.  This was a discreet service that allowed users to throttle the amount of personal data they wished to share.

So after a series of speaking engagements at various EEMA events across Europe during the back half of 2015 and early 2016 I was given the encouragement by this peer group to forge on and build ‘Trust API’.   The senior team from EEMA were constantly supporting KnowNow in its quest for wider industry backing for our idea.

Further more, Rick has stayed in touch and has been opening some doors and introducing the team to more interested parties as we explored how to take this concept to market.   Without Rick’s encouragement Trust API would never have morphed into Consentua.

The name was born out of the increase in awareness surrounding GDPR.   Consent was going to be a new tech buzz word.   Lets get in their early.   GDPR was also a catalyst in securing some early funding from InnovateUK.  But, who was in the audience during our presentation?   Yep Rick.  Still supporting us.

The final twist is that Consentua is using the Kantara Initiatives Consent Receipt standard.  We will be putting all of our extensions back into the standard too.   Kantara and EEMA have recently signed an MOU.  So our paths continue to entwine.

But the story does not stop there.   Now that the consent management tool is now live, Consentua can look to future.  What is the point of having a consent receipt? Can we use it for something with a purpose?  Yes.  Let me introduce Consentfullness.

A new metric that measures the difference between what an organisation says it will do with your personal data versus the actual experience/reality.  With the end goal an ‘icon’ of Consentfulness that organisations will wear with pride across the globe.  Consentua captures one side of the Consentfulness score, the other half is found in the web itself.

The Consentua team believe that by having a more honest relationship with your users, organisations will increase trust and improve their bottom lines.  On the flip side, those organisations that display poor consentfulness will be left behind.

Your Consentfullness score is an expression of what is good (or bad) personal data sharing practice.  This score will change over time as todays best practices becomes tomorrows standards.  The aim is to raise the bar for all digitally enabled transactions when it comes to consent to use our personal data.

During the EEMA conference in July Richard will be describing how he came up with this new metric of trust, what it might mean and why it is important for the future digital economy.

I would like to thank EEMA for their previous and I hope still ongoing support with Consentua.   The future of privacy control and having the supporting technology in place is looking very positive. Thank you EEMA!

Chris Cooper

CTO – KnowNow Information

Co-creator of Consentua

To learn more about Consentua or call David on +44 (0)23 92 160 640  or visit or follow us @consentua