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First Briefing to Focus on Digital Forensics and International Chain of Custody

BRUSSELS, 16th MARCH 2020 EEMA the leading independent European Think Tank focused on identity, privacy and trust, has launched a programme of Virtual High-Level Fireside Briefings. This new initiative expands upon EEMA’s education programme, that brings together senior influencers, decision-makers and subject matter experts, to debate and inform on the technological and societal issues facing organisations, citizens and governments in Europe, today and in the future.

The first Virtual High-Level Fireside Briefing is free-to-attend and will take place 16:30 – 17:30 (CET) on Tuesday 24th March 2020. The focus for the briefing is ‘Digital forensics and international chain of custody, is it possible to secure convictions?’

With the ever-changing technology landscape, new crimes are being carried out in an ever more sophisticated manner. Traditional crimes are also being re-invented to take advantage of these new technologies. Even when detected, successful convictions must demonstrate the truthfulness of the evidence that is presented. The briefing will debate whether the criminal chain of custody can be maintained in a ‘Deep Fake’ world of digital manipulation and complex distortions of the truth. It will also look at how lengthy court cases are centred around proving the legal admissibility of the evidence.

EEMA is as Consortium Partner for the LOCARD project. Funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, the initiative aims to create a lawful evidence collecting and continuity platform development system to automate the collection and documentation of every digital form of evidence in every format and medium. Chair of EEMA, Jon Shamah, will share an update on LOCARD, alongside a panel that includes – Paul Kennedy, Strategic Law Enforcement & Security Presenter and Vijay Rathour, Partner leading the Digital Forensics and Investigations Group at Grant Thornton.

EEMA Board Director, Lorraine Spector, states: “Since we introduced our High-Level Fireside Briefing series in 2015 they have proven extremely popular, however, because of their exclusive nature the audience by invitation. By adding these digital briefings, we are augmenting what we consider to be a vitally important element of our education programme, to make valuable insight and expertise from world-leading subject matter experts easily accessible to everyone in the EU and wider Europe.”

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