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Building Cyber Trust, Improving Cyber Security and Understanding the Cyber Threats

LONDON, 29th JUNE 2015EEMA, the European association for identity and security, today revealed that its keynote speakers will address issues of cyber trust, cyber security and cyber threats at its Building Trust in a HyperConnected World conference. Speakers from CA Technologies, Digital Policy Alliance, KuppingerCole and OASIS will join EEMA for its 28th annual conference, taking place at Ditton Manor, near Windsor and London’s Heathrow Airport, on 8th and 9th July 2015.

A brief history of trust – Laurent Liscia, CEO & Executive Director, OASIS

  • Establishing trust in an increasingly connected world runs counter to human nature. In fact it may be that the trust we place in certain protocols and computing methodologies to keep us safe comes from context‐inappropriate perceptions of how trust works. And yet, powerful digital standards, best practices and technical solutions to cement trust online are readily available. The shift to “cybertrust” is occurring as we speak, but at different speeds.

Will cyber insecurity fundamentally change how we use the Internet? – Malcolm Harbour, Director, Digital Policy Alliance and ex‐Minister of the European Parliament

  • The growing use of the Internet in support of the objectives of terrorist and political groups that threaten the fabric of our society have created an environment in which issues surrounding privacy, security and trust, in even the authorities who are intended to protect us, have become pivotal.

While the US is introducing privacy legislation and cybersecurity measures, the EU have already published the eIDAS legislation and will publish legislation on data protection later in the year, as well as a Network and Information Security Directive. All these initiatives will have a tremendous effect on both citizens and businesses globally. This keynote will explore the conundra associated with maintaining the balance between protecting freedom of expression with the right to privacy, whilst not compromising either network or national security concerns.

Trust and the role of Government and Industry – Christoph Luykx, CA Technologies, Director, Government Relations EMEA

  • Governments can use policy to drive market behaviour. When it comes to the issue of trust, those policies have been on the increase. At the same time, industry is implementing technical solutions and policies to ensure trust is created and maintained. But how do both trends interconnect? This keynote will provide a quick overview of the interplay between policy and technology, using some of the more recent discussions around security and privacy in Europe.

Threats, vulnerabilities & risks – Amar Singh, Senior Analyst, KuppingerCole

  • With new vulnerabilities and exploits constantly emerging and high‐profile breaches highlighting just how exposed organisations are, keeping up with the dynamic threat landscape and sophisticated cybercriminal is undoubtedly a challenge.  In this session, an industry expert analyst will provide actionable threat intelligence, highlighting new risks and emerging threats.