Fireside Seminars

High Level Fireside Briefings

Hot Topics and In-depth cutting edge technology

Developed by EEMA and by invitation only, these topical and in-depth Fireside Briefings explore and debate hot topics and technology just coming into the market place.

Led by speakers with expertise and charisma, the audience are in an informal setting and are involved in discussion and debate with the speakers and each other to gain knowledge and practical implementation techniques for their business.

The Fireside briefings are hosted by ATOS and other organisations and the EEMA model can be used in different locations and countries.

Past Fireside Seminars

Robot AI

Cognitive Machines and AI

A thought provoking debate and discussion on this critical subject Defining the Person Natural Person, Legal Person and Artificial Person A new definition of Cognitive Machines? With contributions from subject matter experts including Dr Peter Waggett, IBM, Director Emerging Technology   Professor Ibrahim Kushchu Founding Director, mobileGov UKKushchu   Chair/Facilitator:  Stuart McRae, Executive Collaboration &...

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Prepare your Board for a Cybersecurity Attack

Your Reputation Gone in 60 Seconds? EEMA High Level 'Fireside Briefing' Speakers: Rod Clayton: Rod co-leads the Global Issues Group of Weber Shandwick, a leading public relations firm. He handles a wide range of matters in all major sectors around the world. His cyber experience spans information security, data protection, intellectual property and privacy issues....

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Do you need a financial passport too?

Can you own your own portable credit score and financial history? A Thought Provoking Debate and Discussion on this Critical Subject Chaired by Jon Shamah Chair of EEMA march2017-briefing-report For portability of that KYC (Know your Customer) data the greatest efficiency and privacy would be to have the data owned and managed by the individual....

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Artificial Intelligence briefing

How Threatening is Artificial Intelligence and its Applications

Newest technology and how will it impact on you An EEMA Fireside High Level Briefing Chaired by Jon Shamah Speaker: Tony Fish, Co-founder FabLab: investor, author and seriel entrepreneur. We will hear views on "x+AI" and discuss what it means for us as we give up more and more of our day to day activities....

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EEMA briefing Sept 16

Should Consumers & Businesses Trust New Payment Applications?

An EEMA Fireside High Level Briefing Chaired by Steve Pannifer, Chief Operations Officer, Consult Hyperion Speakers: Itay Yanovski, Co-Founder & VP Strategy at CyberInt Itay Yanovski is a veteran of the IT and cybersecurity space, specializing in information security management and cybersecurity operations. Prior to founding CyberInt, Mr. Yanovski was the Global CISO for ZIM...

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Blockchain ID: A better way?

An EEMA High level briefing Fireside Debate: Read the report here Blockchains are the answer to everybody’s problems. Privacy enhancing, user centric, self-executing, no single points of failure, ambient accountability – digital identity on the blockchain sounds too good to be true. Is it? There are many aspects of blockchain that are grabbing people's attention....

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