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Now in its 19th year ISSE is Europe’s leading independent, interdisciplinary, unbiased and European focused conference. It features the presentation and discussion of technical, commercial, organisational, legal and political challenges for information security as well as privacy and data protection.

Organised by EEMA, a not for profit, independent, pan-European Think Tank, ISSE has built an unrivalled reputation for world-class speakers and a truly independent perspective on the e-security market across Europe. It attracts hundreds of professionals including industry experts, commercial end-users and government policy-makers. In 2017 ISSE returns to Brussels and takes place 14/15th November.

ISSE provides the ideal platform for the dissemination, qualification and discussion of the key European Commission security objectives and policy directions. Independent debate and discussion will allow delegates and security providers to address head-on the technical and political challenges involved in converting government policy into commercial reality in today’s security sector and the commercial ramifications in the business marketplace.

Invited Keynote speakers:

EU Parliament, DGCONNECT, ENISA, Senior Industry players

ISSE Target Attendee Groups

Business or Risk Managers

Heads of IT Department

General Business Managers

Security/IT Managers

Representatives from Government and Policy Makers

Legal/Compliance/Regulatory Professionals

Product Managers and Marketing Experts

Consultants and Business Analysts


Systems Administrators

Technical Experts (Developers, Architects)

ISSE 2017 Programme Topic Areas

Trust Services, eID and Cloud Security
European trust services and eIdentity regulation, governance rules, standardisation, interoperability of services and applications, architectures in the cloud, governance, risks, migration issues, FIDO Alliance

BYOD and Mobile Security
Processes and technologies for managing BYOD programs, smartphone/tablet security, mobile malware, application threats

Cybersecurity, Cybercrime, Critical Infrastructures
Attacks & countermeasures against industrial Infrastructures; CERT/CSIRT – European & global developments, resilience of networks & services, surveillance techniques & analytics Management of Privacy and Data Protection. The latest trends and issues in information security, risk mitigation, compliance & governance; policy, planning and emerging areas of enterprise security architecture, Issues in big data & cloud, privacy enhancing technologies, insider threats, social networking/ engineering and security awareness programs

Legal, Regulation & Policies
Governmental Cybersecurity strategies, authentication, authorization & accounting, governance, risk & compliance, convergence between logical and physical access

Biometric Applications
Fingerprint, voice, behavioural aspects, border control, e-banking authentication

HS2020 Projects
A showcase of the various projects that are being worked on currently i.e. FutureTrust or Lightest.

eIDAS Leading Interoperability between International Trust Networks
To boost TRUST and CONVENIENCE in secure and seamless cross-border electronic transactions by promoting the widespread use and uptake of electronic identification and trust services (eIDAS services).

Public administration, businesses and citizens regularly use eIDAS services;

  • Users will demand more and innovative eIDAS services and new services/apps will emerge on the market;
  • eIDAS will be turned into a source of growth and jobs, supporting both the internal and global markets;
  • eIDAS regulatory framework, standards and technologies will influence international dialogues and trade negotiations, thus broadening the economies of scale for eIDAS services and increasing the global competitiveness of European businesses and private sector.

GDPR Compliance and Risk management for Board Members
The Impact and Visualisation of GDPR for Consumer Identity Management and data privacy management – will you be Compliant before May 2018?

Internet of Things, Security & Privacy
As our world becomes more automated, how can we preserve our security?

General Information

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About ISSE

Information Security Solutions Europe (ISSE), Europe’s leading independent, interdisciplinary security conference and exhibition, was founded in 1999 as an initiative of EEMA and the European Commission Directorate General Information Society.

Aimed at ICT security professionals, governments and legal communities wishing to understand more about specific aspects of ICT security ISSE brings together international experts from industry, research and politics to discuss interdisciplinary, technical, organisational and legal aspects of information security.

From 1999 to 2016 EEMA and TeleTrusT worked together with the successful format. TeleTrusT held responsibility for the management of the ISSE Program Committee, compiled the conference programme and awarded the TeleTrusT Innovation Award. In 2016 TeleTrusT decided to move forward in a different direction and will no longer be associated with ISSE.

From 2017 ISSE will continue with EEMA taking responsibility for the conference programme and organisation of the event.

For the record, ISSE has been held in the following places:

1999 Berlin 2006 Rome 2013 Brussels
2000 Barcelona 2007 Warsaw 2014 Brussels
2001 London 2008 Madrid 2015 Berlin
2002 Paris 2009 The Hague 2016 Paris
2003 Vienna 2010 Berlin 2017 Brussels
2004 Berlin 2011 Prague
2005 Budapest 2012 Brussels