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Written by Graham Thatcher,

Louis C.K, an outstanding comedian, once said: “We don’t need to keep making porn … If we stopped, no one would run out … ” Jokes aside, he’s right. Forget porn — thousands of books, movies and songs come out each day, let alone all sorts of news articles and press releases. Now this is where people divide into two fractions — those who blindly create junk in hopes of making money, and those who consume this junk, perhaps even more blindly.

The human mind, just like human body, also craves food

It’s up to its bearer to choose what to feed it: healthy content that requires mental effort — books by Shakespeare, Hemingway, Remark, Dovlatov, Chekhov, Maugham, movies of Cameron, Tarkovsky, Coppola, proven formulas and true facts… or easy-to-chew fast food — chick flicks, yellow press, gossips, rumours, pop-junk and other bubblegum spewed out by professional “unprofessional creators”. A mind’s diet directly influences what it produces and how it evolves. We, the humans, are self-learning machines, little brothers of the highly acclaimed and beloved AI — during our lifetime we train our neural networks by tough life choices and most importantly new books, inspiring imagery and valid knowledge. We evolve this way. Some evolve to architect new cities, some to sweep the streets; some dream to get a quick buck by riding the cryptotrading hype train, some invent new crypto algorithms; some write “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead”, some make dick pics on the elevator wall. But everyone started off the same.

Everyone is capable of dreaming and attaining any goal that respects both personal and the humanity’s interests. Alas, most carbon copy the Barbarians’ way of life from the “Hard to be a god” novel, authored by Strugatsky. Why? They don’t value time and just go with the flow of their life. Truth is, we really don’t have time for much. A decent Round the World trip takes a year — so assuming a person’s got 80 years to live, it’s possible to do no more than 80 of such trips. If someone dedicates 12 hours each day to reading, it’s possible to rush through a decent book in a day, 365 books in a year and 29200 in a lifetime if reading is all he/she will ever do. Let’s try to make these numbers more realistic — off with the years when a person can’t read and times when struggles of ordinary life take over. What’s left? A thousand books! It’s safe to apply the same logic to other activities, but be prepared for a shocking realisation. The number of things you can do or books you can read is FINITE and incredibly LIMITED. We earn money and spend it on iTunes, in grocery stores and on Amazon, but there is one other currency that we earn and spend each day Time. The ultimate “crypto” currency — TimeCoins. We mine these coins as the time goes by and it’s up to us how we spend them.

Here’s an investment proposal for you. Don’t read all the books — start off with the Humanity’s top 1000 

Try ‘Captain’s Daughter’ by Pushkin first. Don’t waste your TimeCoins on yet another Hollywood “bubblegum” superhero remake, invest them into “The Godfather” or “Roman Holiday”. In the past few hundreds of years humanity has created an astounding number of masterpieces. The population grows but there’s only a few prodigies in each generation who make each a few creations. What’s scary is that now there is already not enough time to see, read and learn everything.

This is why I’m all against current Apple, Google and Facebook context ad policies. They carpet bomb the minds, arrogantly enforcing us to purchase content that has a larger marketing budget. All this does is fill the minds with pink bubblegum that sticks in the space between the machine cogs in our brain which slows down original thinking and prevents it from acknowledging it’s true desires. Screw advertised movies with fake positive comments made by endlessly unhappy people in exchange for small buck.

The day I realised the idea that we can only learn so much, I knew I had to do something about it

Biolink is a device we’re making at Biolink.Tech to protect the owner from “fast food” junk content and gradual dumbification. Biolink is both the interface between the Internet and the Human and a Private Artificial Intelligence (PAI). PAI studies the behaviour, capabilities and skills of its owner to fully unlock their potential by shielding them from junk content, advertised by commercial companies, and suggesting only relevant, outstanding and up-to-date pieces of knowledge, supported and validated by the scientific community.

We don’t need to know everything, it’s an illusion, a matrix, if you wish

If you want to keep living in a matrix and die peacefully in an endless stream of selfies, you don’t have to do anything — click away and be content with your life. But if you feel like waking up from the dream formed of petabytes of informational white noise and start consciously living your own life — stay tuned. We’re working days and nights on the prototype in hopes of exposing it to the public in the upcoming months. I can’t tell you the exact date, but it’s coming soon.

I don’t have a goal to turn everyone to my beliefs or prove that everyone else is wrong. I’m just saying that there is an alternative to the current order of things. And if the number of us, the educated people, rises, commercial companies will have to consider us and our opinions.

Now this is something to spend my TimeCoins for.

Author: Evgeny Chereshnev, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of  Biolink.Tech

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