The aim of the Open Identity Summit 2022 ( in Lyngby, Denmark, and hosted by the Danish Technical University, was to link practical experiences and requirements with academic innovations. Focus areas were Research and Applications in the area of Identity Management, Trust Services, Open Source, Internet of Things, Distributed Ledgers, Privacy and Cloud Computing.

Jon Shamah, EEMA Chair at the OID Conference

Open standards and interfaces as well as open source technologies play a central role in the current identity management landscape as well as in emerging future scenarios in the area of electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions. Reliable identity management is an essential building block for many applications and services such as innovative payment services, digital manufacturing, and other innovative applications in the area of e-health, e-government, distributed ledgers, cloud computing, data management for artificial intelligence, and the internet of things.


While there are already plenty of successful applications in which those techniques are applied to safeguard authenticity, integrity and confidentiality, there are still many closely related areas which demand further research. These include technical solutions that provide higher levels of transparency, intervenability and accountability.


GLASS and DE4A were jointly presented to explain their parallel approaches to the essential goal of understanding the credentials (evidences) being utilised and consumed in cross border actions which include multi-lingual and multi-context attributes. Vocabularies, syntax, ontologies were compared between the projects.


The presentation can be accessed here.

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