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Break Down Walls and Building Relationships in Berlin at ISSE 2015

As Berlin celebrated 26 years since the fall of the wall, more than 300 IT security professionals from 21 countries met at the Hotel Palace in the heart of the city for ISSE 2016, to address and overcome the modern day barriers to making a Europe a safer place to do business.

“We don’t want the technologies to change the values that this society is built on,” commented Wojciech Wiewórowski, Assistant European Data Protection Supervisor as he opened the 16th annual conference. “This society is built on the values that are in the core of human dignity and that simply means recognising that the world is changing, so, we should adapt ourselves to the situation.”
Dr Emma Philpott from IASME used her opening keynote as an opportunity to take a practical look at the security challenges European business is facing: “The assumption is that the levels of cyber security are higher than they actually are, but most SMEs are doing nothing, which is quite shocking.” She added that: “Companies are making exceptions for suppliers not able to meet the cyber security requirements, which is introducing key vulnerabilities for the whole supply chain,” said Philpott.
Looking to the future, FIDO Alliance members including D-Trust, Google, Microsoft and Yubico shared insight in to how the industry is currently collaborating tackle the global issue of password-based security, by developing a platform that will enable people to choose how they authenticate themselves.
Such is the international prestige in which ISSE is held, Klaus Vitt, the newly appointed Chief Information Officer of the Federal Government and State Secretary at the Federal Government Commission for Information Technology in Germany, used the conference as ideal platform to announce how his country is increasing its efforts to improve information and data security, both in Germany and the wider EU, drafting a German IT Security Act to clamp down on foreign surveillance activities.  You can read more in his exclusive interview with SC Magazine.
Next year ISSE 2016 will take place in Paris and the whole EEMA team looks forward to seeing you there.