ISSE 2020: Call for Contributions

ISSE 17-19 Nov 2020

Call for Contributions
Vision for European Security & Trust

Be part of something inspirational

We are seeking Europe’s imaginative individuals who have a unique perspective and are redesigning the way we think and manage Security transformation for Industry, Business, Governments, and Citizens.

Are you a thought leaders who can facilitate leading-edge discussions? This is your opportunity to discuss your proposals and ideas with other international keynote speakers and like minded people.

Organised by EEMA, a not for profit, independent, pan-European Think Tank, in 2020 circumstances dictate that ISSE will be run as a series of webinars..

EEMA has been Europe’s leading visionary since 1987, and 2020 sees its 22nd ISSE event.

Participate in the EEMA  ISSE 2020 webinar series and inspire the industry!

We are currently putting together the speaker line-up and we are looking for people within the industry who will put forward thought-provoking ideas and radical suggestions to provoke discussion and debate. If you are interested in proposing a topic or sitting on a discussion panel be sure to submit your proposal before 11 September.

Now in its 22nd year, ISSE is Europe’s leading independent, interdisciplinary, unbiased, and European focused conference. It features the presentation and discussion of technical, commercial, organisational, legal, and political challenges for information security as well as privacy and data protection.

Topic Areas

The organisers are inviting contributions on the following topics: (use case studies are of particular interest)

  • Securing Trust in the new Digital Reality
  • Bringing the Next Generation Cybersecurity Solutions to Life
  • Identity & Authentication – latest Innovations
  • eIDAS - delivering Cross Border Services
  • Mobile Innovation: pushing the security envelope
  • Biometric Applications
  • AI & IoT: Security & Privacy threats and solutions
  • Practical Blockchain Implementations
  • Legal, Regulation & Policies
  • HS2020 Projects
  • (other topics related to security solutions will also be considered)

Deadline for submissions is extended to Friday 18th September

Dave Birch

“Largely driven by Apple, privacy will become part of the upfront customer proposition for services in a way that it has not been in the past."

Dave Birch, Author & advisor on digital financial services