News > ISSE 2020 Focuses on Solving the Digital On-Boarding Challenge

and How to Build a Single Identity System for Europe

Six Webinar Series Takes Place 17th- 19th November 2020

BRUSSELS, 21st OCTOBER 2020 – EEMA the leading independent European Think Tank focused on identity, privacy and trust, has announced the programme for its 22nd annual ISSE conference ‘Vision for European Security and Trust’, which takes place virtually from 17th – 19th November. Registration is open now for six free webinars, with world-class speakers and fascinating topics, sponsored by Microsoft, Cloud Signature Consortium, Infocert and Signicat.

Chair of EEMA, Jon Shamah states: “This year we have seen public and private organisations across Europe grapple with some of the biggest security and identity challenges of our time, such as how to securely and rapidly on-board citizens and customers digitally and at scale, so that they can access vital services. Meanwhile, at a governmental level there are calls for an EU-wide framework for secure public electronic identification, that would give citizens control over their online identity and data, as well as enabling access to public, private and cross-border digital services.”

Shamah adds: “ISSE 2020 is bringing together the foremost experts in areas of technology, business, policy and law to focus on how to overcome the on-boarding challenge, potential solutions for a single identity system and the importance of standards.”

ISSE 2020 Webinar Series

Why don’t you know who I am? The battle to on-board
17th November 2020, 11.00 – 12.15 CET
• Chair: Jon Shamah, EJ Consultants, EEMA Chairman, Belgium
• John Erik Setsaas, VP Identity and Innovation, Signicat, Norway
• David Rihak, Digital Identity Director, ADUCID, Czech Republic
• Katryna Dow, CEO, Meeco, UK

Why doesn’t real digital identity exist?
17th November 2020, 15:00-16.15, CET
• Chair: Heather Flanagan, Principle, Spherical Cow Consulting
• Pamela Dingle, Director of Identity Standards, Microsoft
• Dave Birch, Author, Advisor & Commentator on Digital Financial Services
• Kim Cameron, CIO, Convergence Technology

The European single identity system “Back to the future”
18th November 2020, 10.00 – 11.15 CET
• Chair: Steve Pannifer, Director Chief Operations Officer, Consult Hyperion
• Steve Purser, Head of Core Operations Department at ENISA
• Tolis Apladas, Program Manager of Electronic Identity and Digital Signing Services, European

Maintaining the trust in cloud-based signatures
18th November 2020, 15.00 – 16.15 CET
• Chair: Marc Sel, Consultant, Trust Warp
• Igor Marcolongo, Head of Business Compliance, InfoCert
• Viky Manaila, CSC board member, Digital Identity, Digital Signature & PKI Expert
• Philip Hallenborg, Founder, ZealID

Insights to the new European interoperability platform
19th November 2020, 11:00-12.15 CET
• Chair: Frank Leyman, Head of International Relations, BOSA
• Alexander Bielowski, Enterprise Business Architect, ICTU
• Hans Graux, Partner, Timelex
• Ana Rosa Guzmán, Area Manager for Planning and Governance, Secretariat-General for Digital Administration
• Muhamed Turkanović, Assistant Professor, University of Maribor

The cryptographic year in perspective and a vision for the future
19th November 2020, 14.00 – 15.15 CET
• Professor Bart Preneel, KU Leuven – The Cryptographic Year in Perspective
• Dave Birch, Author, Advisor & Commentator on Digital Financial Services – A Vision for the Future

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