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Opens Channels For Its Members To Engage With the EU On Federated Digital Identity, Trust and Privacy

WAKEFIELD, Mass., USA – April 04, 2017 — Kantara Initiative announced today that it joined the European Trust Foundation to help its non-European Union (EU) government and corporate members engage with Europe on pan-jurisdiction federated digital identity, trust and privacy initiatives.

Created and coordinated by EEMA, the Brussels-based European Trust Foundation is an independent collaboration between ten industry associations, to bring about stronger digital trust throughout Europe. It is open to any European (non-vendor) organization whose aim is to promote and encourage trusted digital services across Europe. The ten founding member associations are: EEMA, ESI, IDnext, LSEC, Norstella, Open Signature Initiative, PIMN, SSEDIC2020, TDL and Vendorcom.

Kantara is the leading global consortium improving trustworthy use of identity and personal data through innovation, standardization and good practice.  Kantara membership includes over 60 leading organizations and hundreds of participants, enterprises and businesses.

“The European Trust Foundation aims to provide a valuable service to Kantara members located outside of Europe by helping to streamline the engagement process with the EU,” said Colin Wallis, executive director, Kantara Initiative.  “The foundation and organizations like Kantara act as a ‘staging area’ to help expedite the process of gathering information and presenting a common voice for non-EU countries to approach and engage with the EU on eIDAS and GDPR where, particularly with the former, little forethought was given to how non-EU jurisdictions would have their schemes recognized and trusted in a single European digital market.”

“Concerns have been raised within the EU about its ability to undertake the multitude of bi-lateral negotiations with non-EU countries that are expected to take place over the next few years,” said EEMA representative, Jon Shamah.  “The European Trust Foundation was established to address this precise challenge.”

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