News > Member case study: Aletheia International

London-based company, Aletheia International (Holdings) Ltd, is bringing to market a truly worldchanging solution – enabling trust and privacy in the digital world. The company has been in stealth mode for more than five years, during which time it has developed and validated a highly disruptive commercial model and supporting technologies across a range of market sectors.

The Aletheia Trust Framework™ (ATF) addresses a real-world problem that, although issues of trust and responsibility may appear to be technical, it is actually the ‘business’ that needs to be in control – precisely what the ATF enables! But like many a start-up finding its way in the world, making the transition into new markets and new geographies, as well as getting new concepts across to experts and influencers, can be challenging without being able to effectively network and make the right connections – which is where EEMA comes in.

Having introduced Aletheia International to EEMA – the European association for e-identity and security, Board member Rick Chandler suggested that the Digital Enterprise Europe 2014 conference would be the ideal forum for the company to present its proposition to some of the most influential e-identity professionals in Europe. Carolyn Harrison of Aletheia International comments: “At Digital Enterprise Europe I was impressed to find myself on a panel debating with Ronny Bjones and Kim Cameron from Microsoft, two world renowned experts in the e-identity world.”

In December Aletheia International was invited to speak at ‘Secure Cross Border Business in 2015 – The Challenges and Opportunities’, a one-day seminar hosted by EEMA and BCS, and consequently became an EEMA member. Harrison adds: “Through attending EEMA events and experiencing the networking opportunities it provides and, crucially, with the highest calibre people in our industry, we recognised that the association could give us the support we needed to improve our market visibility.”

EEMA Executive Director, David Goodman explains: “Since EEMA was established in 1987 as an independent non-profit European business community, we have been tackling the thorny issue of interoperability, which is still as valid today as it was all those years ago. When I was first introduced to Aletheia International and its Trust Framework it was clear that they were in every respect the ideal organisation to join the EEMA community.”

Aletheia International is now taking advantage of all the opportunities EEMA membership has to offer, presenting at the Trust in the Digital World conference, organised by EEMA in collaboration with TDL in Madrid in February 2015, as well as the Secure Business Identity High Level Briefing held in conjunction with ATOS in March. Harrison adds: “At every EEMA event we have attended we have met people who are extremely interested to learn more about what we have to offer and can help us to realise our goals.”

Harrison concludes: “Our ambition is to build ‘two-way’ trust, security and accountability in a digital world. With EEMA achieving the difficult balancing act of bridging the gap between academia, governments, SMEs and large enterprises throughout Europe, we feel that there is no better association for Aletheia International to be a part of.”

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