Membership Benefits & Fees

Membership Benefits and Opportunities

  • Networking with corporates, government and experts to create business opportunities
  • Building sustainable working relationships
  • Involvement with EEMA projects and collaborations
  • Enabling European networks to be accessible to your company
  • Accessing World Class Conferences
  • Sponsoring of EEMA conferences
  • Speaking opportunities
  • Hosting or Speaking at an EEMA Fireside High Level Seminar
  • Keeping informed about the latest EU legislation and compliance
  • Benefiting from our education, engagement and communication
  • Paying reduced fees to conferences and seminars
  • Benefiting from European Trust Foundation, our partner non-profit organisation network

EEMA membership application form

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EEMA membership categories and fees

Category 1- Vendors or Service Suppliers of eBusiness Products and Services

A> 1000 employees€4500
B100 – 999 employees€3000
C10 – 99 employees€1500
D<9 employees€700

Category 2 User Companies/Associations/Academic Institutions/Governments

2A> 1000 employees€2000
2B100 – 999 employees€1500
2C<9 employees€600

Category 3 Consultants/Analysts

3A>25 employees€2000
3B10 – 25 employees€1000
3C<9 employess€200

Category 4 Associate


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