The EEMA conference gave a valuable insight into ongoing discussions, projects and prototypes in the field of Identity Management. Especially the opportunities to exchange experiences and to establish contacts with participants have been an important benefit.

Petra Kauer, Switch

EEMA’S Digital Enterprise Europe Conference in 2014 was a stimulating overview of the views from different European countries and companies on managing identity for the future. It was hard to choose which of the parallel workshop streams to attend, as all were of interest, and it provided a great networking opportunity

Dr Louise Bennett, Vivas Ltd

It was a great experience participating in the EEMA 2014 Annual Event, a place where actual professionals leading the secure digital world got to meet in a perfectly organised environment with people that actually contribute to the global digital identity revolution.

Zeev Shetach, Comda

The EEMA event is always interesting and insightful, with a good balance of new ideas and new solutions to the old problems in the world of IdM.

Nicky Hickman, inglis Jane

EEMA events provide a great opportunity to learn about developments in digital identity and to build my professional network, in a trusted and discrete environment.

Toby Stevens, Enterprise Privacy Group Limited

Digital Enterprise Europe brought together leading experts in identity and security. It was an excellent opportunity to get updated in the field and to network.

Herbert Leitold, A-SIT, Secure Information Technology Center – Austria

A superb opportunity to meet talk and listen to influential and knowledgeable people. An excellent use of time and money.

John Bullard, IdenTrust

The huge but diverse European market offers many opportunities and challenges. EEMA conferences have established themselves as a first rate forum for exchanging insights into current thinking, as well as briefings on developments and experiences from the wider world

Mark King, Consultant, Broadsail (UK)

We sent a delegation of four this year to EEMA's conference in Tallinn, including a speaker. We appreciated the variety of speakers, from technologists to lawyers and from business people to government officials. Perspectives from outside Europe were also invaluable. As usual, we were able to progress existing business and make new contacts around the fringes of the conference.

Neil McEvoy, Managing Director, Consult Hyperion

I have always enjoyed participating in EEMA conferences: they are very informative, of a high standard and the networking opportunities are great.

Frank Leyman, Manager International Relations, Fedict (Belgium)

Working with EEMA, Difi has benefited from information and knowledge, as well as increasing our network of contacts in eIdentity. EEMA events are a useful forum for us as a dissemination channel for project results and we will continue use them in the future.

Jon Ølnes, Formerly: Senior Advisor, National Programme for e-ID Infrastructure in Public Sector, Difi - Agency for Public Management and eGovernment