Supporting the practical implementation of the eIDAS regulations in Europe and beyond


FutureTrust will demonstrate positive business cases for the reliance on electronic signatures, sealing services and long-term authenticity of data and documents, all with a focus on accountability, transparency and usability. For a subset of use cases, carefully selected for relevance and visibility, the FutureTrust consortium will devise real world pilot applications for the public and private sector with a focus on legally significant global electronic transactions in between EU member states and with non-EU countries.

The FutureTrust project will in particular develop a comprehensive Open Source validation service as well as a scaleable preservation service for electronic signatures and will provide components for the eID-based application for qualified certificates across border, and for the trustworthy creation of remote signatures and seals in a mobile environment. furthermore, the FutureTrust project will extend and generalise existing trust management concepts to build a ‘Global Trust List’ which allows the maintenance of trust anchors and metadata for trust services and eID related services around the globe.

Expected Outcomes

FutureTrust will support the practical implementation of the eIDAS regulation in Europe and beyond by:

  • Addressing the need for globally interoperable solutions through basic research with respect to the foundations of trust and trustworthiness, with the aim of developing new, widely compatible trust models or improving existing models
  • Actively driving the standardisation process
  • Providing Open Source software components and trustworthy services as a functional base for fast adoption of standards and solutions

FutureTrust will demonstrate positive business cases for:

  • The reliance on electronic signatures
  • Sealing services
  • Long-term authenticity of data and documents


Federal Office of Administration Germany
EEMA Belgium
Arts Spikeseed Luxembourg
Federal Computing Centre of Austria Austria
esec GmbH Germany
Giesecke & Devrient GmbH Germany
LAW trusted Third Party Services (Pty) Ltd S Africa
Ministry of Interior Republic of Serbia
Multicert Portugal
Public Service Development Agency Georgia
PwC Belgium
Ruhr-Universitat Bochum Germany
Secure Information Technology Centre Austria
Southampton University UK
Trustable Ltd UK
Turkiye Bilimsel ve Teknolojik Arastruma Kuruma TUBITAK Turkey

Contact us

Contact the FutureTrust project at info@futuretrust.eu

Program information

Project No 700542
Start June 2016
Duration 3 years
Contact us info@futuretrust.eu
Web http://www.futuretrust.eu
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 reserach and innovation programme under grant agreement No 700542.
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