Spotlight 2015

Identity Challenges and Solutions

The issues and challenges associated with managing identities are mainstream concerns for business, government and individual citizens. The recent publication of the eIDAS legislation has further raised the profile of a common approach to identity, authentication and trust services, including eSignatures, for stimulating cross-border transactions in Europe which we expect to see much more of during 2015/16. Through its involvement in STORK 2.0 and FutureID (see under Projects), EEMA is very well positioned to make this initiative highly visible.

But we are also keeping a perspective on other market-led approaches both in Europe and North America as well as new ideas relating to the economics of identity, how value is created in new identity systems, who the disrupters are, and how changing legacy and new business models are shaping the internet identity eco-system.

Security Challenges and Issues

More than at any time in the past twenty years, incidences of organised global cybercrime and alarming revelations of breaches of cybersecurity in government and business are regularly making headline news. EEMA’s perspective is to investigate how we, as an industry, can help protect and educate citizens, SMEs and enterprises by taking more precautions to make our systems more robust and our business procedures more secure.

In addition to questions concerning compliance, risk and liability, there are a host of regulatory and legal issues from privacy and data protection legislation to breach notification.

Societal Changes: The New Frontier

The emerging technologies and concepts that are going to impact every enterprise and citizen over the coming five to ten years are of particular interest to EEMA.

Cloud services are widespread but only now are we seeing the emergence of a cloud strategy for Europe, managing privacy, legal, governance and compliance issues, particularly for eGovernment. From its participation in Cloud for Europe, EEMA offers an insight into how these issues are being tackled.

The Internet of Things comes in the same package of challenges as those familiar to us from big data analytics, the many aspects of smart cities and the ever-intriguing future of wearable computing.

Finally, personal digital identity espouses the right of every citizen to exert the right to control what is done with their data. But to achieve this is a massive undertaking affecting everyone and every business.

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