Independent security consultant

Marc Sel

I am an independent security consultant. Previously I worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers 'Advisory Services' in Belgium as a Director, specialised in ICT Security and Performance. I joined them in 1989 as a Consultant. Over time, I specialised in the field of security, both from the technical and from the organisational/management perspective. I performed specialised in-depth reviews, assisted clients with the selection of solutions, and performed implementations. Areas I worked in include authorisations and access control, biometric recognition, network security, PKI, smartcards, as well as information security organisation legislation and policies, standards and guidelines. Prior to PwC I was with Esso, where I worked for two years as a Systems Programmer on IBM mainframes, and two years as a Technical Analyst in the Breda Headquarters. I moved to Esso after a stay of approximately 4 years with Bell Telephone Manufacturing Company, where I developed and delivered training courses on all aspects of digital telephony. Initially after my first graduation I joined Texas Instruments as Internal Sales Engineer in their Brussels semiconductor department for 18 months.