News > The latest ECSO Cybersecurity Market Radar is out

The European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) has just released the updated version of its Cybersecurity Market Radar, representing the European-based cybersecurity product vendors, service providers and consultancy offerings.

The Radar serves as a comprehensive visualisation tool, marking a significant step forward in ensuring the transparency of the European cybersecurity market and boosting the visibility of its deployment-ready cybersecurity solutions.

The Radar represents a market-oriented taxonomy of cybersecurity capabilities – Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, Recover – developed by the ECSO working groups, dealing with market analysis, investments, cybersecurity companies and regions.

Each of 5 designated capabilities provides a close-up view of the concrete competences and means to mitigate, resolve, monitor and analyse cyber-related threats, provided by the European-based cybersecurity companies

Click here to see the ECSO Cybersecurity Market Radar taxonomy in high-resolution

Make sure to appear on the ECSO Cybersecurity Market Radar

To this day, the ECSO Cybersecurity Market Radar represents 64 European cybersecurity companies and does not provide a full representation of the European cybersecurity industry landscape.

There are still a large number of the up-and-coming European cybersecurity companies that have yet to join the Radar! If you are one of them, send us an email via