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Through EEMA, a member can…

  • learn about the key industry issues and the work being done to address them
  • discuss their experiences and needs with others in a similar situation
  • make their voice heard with vendors, standards organisations, governmental bodies
  • become aware of problems and solutions before they hit the member’s organisation
  • build a network of contacts with expertise in their area
  • promote their organisation to other members
  • hear about new industry trends and technologies, and expand their view of the industry

Individuals within a member organisation quite often have very different objectives from their EEMA membership, and how each individual becomes involved with the association depends entirely on their own requirements.

Some individuals are actively involved in producing reports, attending workshops to exchange ideas and generally play a high-profile role within the association.  This can also be by way of sponsorship of various opportunities through the year.

Some simply want to receive the results of the work carried out by others within the association, and to be kept informed about latest developments and trends in a way that suits them best.

Many take advantage of the ‘networking’ style of EEMA, using the association as a vehicle through which contact can be made and retained with other members experiencing the same issues – either at workshops, seminars, through project work, conference calls, or simply by asking us to put you in touch with someone.

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