News > The View from the EEMA Chair – July

shamah-picI was delighted to see so many members at our 30th Annual Conference at Microsoft’s head-office in London. The feedback we have received regarding the calibre of speakers, presentations and the overall running of the event has been excellent.

The overarching theme for the conference was ‘Privacy vs Identity – Opportunity and Challenges’ and I am pleased to report that whilst there are undoubtedly challenges that must be overcome, there was an overwhelming sense of optimism expressed in the keynotes and track sessions. Even the thorny topic of GDPR was embraced with an attitude that it brings with it many positives.

eema 2017 annualOne speaker that encapsulated the sense of what can be achieved when we look to the future was the Government CIO of Estonia, Siim Sikkut, who explained how almost all government services are online (except for marriage and real estate) and how it will be using its Presidency of the EU to promote cross-border collaboration. Continuing the optimism, Julian Ranger, CEO of our newest EEMA member,, shared his view of the digital world and ‘Internet of Me’.

Of course, the hot topic of the moment is Blockchain and it was EEMA Board Director, Dave Birch, who started the debate that would run throughout the conference, when he asked the loaded question ‘Why Blockchain?’ which continued in a lively debate hosted by TDL.

A personal highlight for me was our H2020 stream where we discovered more about current ongoing EU initiatives, such as the FutureTrust and LIGHTest projects that EEMA is actively involved with, as well as ARIES and Konfido. If you are interested in participating in future collaborative projects be sure to find out about our new Consortium Panel.

Finally, I would like to thank you to everyone that helped to make EEMA’s 30th anniversary conference such a marvellous success, including the many of you that took to Twitter to share your thoughts during the sessions (@EEMA1). We look forward to seeing you at ISSE 2017, hosted this year  by Deloitte in Belgium, on 14th and 15th November.

Chair of EEMA, Jon Shamah